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Aquaflash 500


Aqua Flash 500 flashing is a composite sheet type waterproofing membrane consisting of 8 mils of high density cross laminated polyethylene bonded to 32 mils of rubberized asphalt for a total thickness of 40 mils.


  • Composite flashing.
  • Excellent puncture resistance.
  • Self-healing since the adhesive system will elongate and recover if somewhat damaged.
  • Needs no reglet when adhering membrane to vertical substrate.


  • Thru-wall flashing
  • Concealed flashing
  • Foundation sill flashing
  • Base flashing
  • Spandrel flashing
  • Head and sill flashing
  • Parapet flashing


Total Thickness 40 mils
High density cross
laminated polyethylene
8 mils
Rubberized asphalt 32 mils
Available widths 12", 16", 18", 24", and 36"
Standard length 50 lf
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Aquaflash 500
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