Innovation In Masonry Construction


Masonry construction is stronger because of the work performed by Wire-Bond employees. Our employees operate a wide variety of equipment to produce products that support the masonry structures housing our loved ones. From schools and hospitals to your local grocery store, Wire-Bond employees play a vital role in holding it all together.Established in 1975 Wire-Bond is a family owned business and has grown to include a production facility and corporate office in Charlotte, NC and a production facility in Memphis, TN. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and are the source of the on-going success of the company.

Wire-Bond is big enough to provide stable employment for our employees but small enough to get to know all of your co-workers. Many Wire-Bond employees have spent their entire careers with the company. Most of the management team has been with the company more than 15 years and grew into their roles as leaders.

Thank you for your interest in WIRE-BOND

There are no positions available at this time, we will post a position that needs to be filled as it becomes available. Thank You.