New location for Wire-Bond in Union, NJ

Charlotte, NC – May 2, 2022 - Wire-Bond, the largest producer of masonry ladder and truss wire, today announced plans to open a new location in Union, NJ. The company’s corporate office is located in Charlotte, NC and the new location is the company’s third location. Preparations are underway and the company expects to start serving customers from the new location in July.

The new location will serve as a distribution point for the company’s full product line for the Northeastern states. It is centrally located in the area with easy access to the interstate system. The company expects to ship to customers all over the northeast from the new location. It will also invite customers in the area to pick up products on route to jobsites.

The company has been selling into the Northeast corridor for many years but the addition of Paul Miller, NE Sales Manager, has led to an explosion of growth according to Mike Ripley, VP – Sales. He went on to say “while we are a manufacturer, our superior service is what sets us apart in the market. We need this new location to continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from Wire-Bond.”

“The support we’ve been receiving from customers in the northeast made the decision to add our third location a very easy one.” said Ian Walsh, CEO. “The masonry market in the area has a rich history with strong product distributors and masonry contractors. We are looking forward to forging closer bonds with them and helping them grow and succeed in the competitive construction market.”

About Wire-Bond

Masonry Reinforcing Corp of America (d/b/a Wire-Bond) is a family-owned American manufacturer of construction products for the masonry industry. The company was established in 1975 by Ralph O. Johnson, Jr to produce ladder and truss reinforcing for masonry construction. Through product innovation and American ingenuity, the company expanded into a full line of products used in masonry construction. The company sells through commercial construction product distributors nationally and internationally.