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         FERO’s innovative and proprietary FAST Thermal Brackets stand-

         off the shelf angle from the backing, allowing for continuous

         air/vapor barrier and insulation behind the shelf angle.

                                                                       Offset to Reduce Thermal Bridging
                                                                       FERO FAST Thermal Brackets offset the shelf
                                                                       angle from the backing, and dramatically
                                                                       improve the thermal performance
                                                                       of the building envelope by eliminating
                                                                       the large linear thermal bridge caused
                                                                       by a conventional shelf angle.

                                                                       Structural Thermal Break Design
                                                                       Improves Energy Efficiency
                                                                       FAST Thermal Brackets have a hole pattern
                                                                       designed to reduce the transfer of heat
                                                                       across the FAST Thermal Bracket, improving
                                                                       the overall thermal transmittance while
                                                                       maintaining structural strength of the bracket.

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