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        FAST Thermal Bracket

        The FAST Thermal Bracket provides
        industry-leading thermal performance
        and quick and easy installation.
        The Standard Bracket is used where
        veneer bearing is coincident with the
        structural slab and bearing support
        is concealed. Brackets are readily
        available in any size height or depth
        at a low cost, and can accommodate
        any size shelf angle and any size bolt.

        FAST Thermal


        The FAST Thermal Bracket-Inverted
        supports the veneer flush to the
        top of the building foundation,
        or any other required elevation,
        by holding the shelf angle in
        an inverted position. The FAST
        Thermal Bracket-Inverted provides
        the same customization offered
        by all FAST Thermal Brackets.

        FAST Thermal Bracket

        Lintel System
        The FAST Thermal Bracket Lintel
        System makes it easy to maintain                                      A
        aesthetics and veneer elevations
        at the head of windows, doors and
        other openings by supporting the                                      B
        veneer on an angle installed flush
        with the underside of the bracket.
        FERO FAST Thermal Lintel Brackets
        are sold together with the FAST
        Punched Shelf Angle as a complete
        system. The FAST Thermal Bracket
        Lintel System can be made to fit any
        wall cavity and support veneer at any
        distance below floor level.

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