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         1     A patented solution for stand-off shelf angles.  4       Fully adjustable both horizontally and vertically,
                                                                     easily accommodating construction tolerances and any
         2                                                           wall configuration or type of exterior masonry veneer.
                Offset shelf angle from the backing to allow
              for continuous insulation behind the shelf        5      Compatible with fasteners of all sizes and
              angle, and with Fero’s innovative flange hole          types, providing the full range of shelf angle
              pattern the FAST System significantly reduces          adjustability without the need for separate embeds.
              the negative effects of thermal bridging.         6       FAST Thermal Brackets are a structural thermal
         3      Easily anchored to backing without welding           break, providing superior 'R' value, avoiding the use
                                                                     of expensive thermal break pads and avoiding associated
              or a need to drill holes in the shelf angle.
                                                                     load capacity, fire resistance and creep considerations.

           Vertical Adjustability                               7       No channels, knife edges, embeds or other types
                                                                     of components needed for shelf angle stand-off,
           The slot on the back of                                   offering simplicity and reducing cost of components,
           the FAST Thermal Bracket                                  layouts, and installations.
           allows up to 1-3/4” of                               8       FERO FAST wall assemblies deliver an R-Value (R16.7)
           vertical adjustment.                                      within 1% of the insulation R-Value (R16.8). Conventional
                                                                     shelf angles reduce the effectiveness of insulation by 35-
                                                                     60% or more, depending on size of shelf angle.
                                                                9      Easy to install in less time and for lower cost with
           Horizontal Adjustability                                  just a single trade onsite; no welding or inserts needed,
                                                                     or anchor channels required.
           Up to two FERO FAST Shim Plates
           can be used to adjust the FAST                      10      Can be sized for any wall cavity, creating significant
                                                                     cost savings by eliminating the need for larger, more
           Thermal Bracket horizontally                              expensive shelf angles. Larger wall cavities with thicker
           outward from the backing                                  insulation simply utilize a deeper FERO Thermal Bracket
                                                                     to span the cavity with a standard sized, economical,
                                                                     shelf angle.
        *Documented by independent testing.

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