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WIRE-BOND                                                             T R U S S  T Y P E
                                                                                2 Wire System (Series 300)

     Truss Type Series 300                                           Truss 2 Wire (Series 300)

     Truss design is a prefabricated reinforcement for embedment in
     the horizontal mortar joints of masonry. Manufactured in 10
     foot lengths from wire conforming to ASTM A1064/A1064M
     for cold drawn steel wire. It consists of two or more parallel
     and deformed longitudinal wires welded to a continuous
     diagonal cross wire at 16” O.C. Out-to-out spacing is
     approximately two inches less than the nominal thickness of
     the wall.

     •  We recommend utilizing the extra strength of truss when
         installing reinforcement in single wythe walls, where the
         application of grout and rebar is at a minimum.
     •  Standard Weight ( 9ga x 9ga).
     •  Heavy ( 3/16″ Side Rods x 9ga Cross Rods).
     •  Extra Heavy (3/16″ Side Rods x 3/16″ Cross Rods).
     •  Finishes: mill galvanized, hot dipped and stainless steel

                                                           4 Wire System (Series 300)
                  3 Wire System (Series 300)

     T R U S S  C O R N E R S  A N D  T E E S

      Corners and tees are available for any joint reinforcement
      product that we manufacture. 30” lengths are standard. Any
      size and finish can be made to order for cavity or composite
      walls. Specify inside or outside corners for cavity or
      composite walls.

                      Tee (Series 300)
                                                                                               Corner(Series 300)

                                                       Corner(Series 900)

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