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WIRE-BOND                N O  D I S E N G A G E M E N T  S Y S T E M S

     (Series 6000)  Adjustable Double Loop Tie

     Adjustable Double Loop Tie is a No Disengagement
     System that allows in-plane vertical and horizontal
     movement of masonry wythes while restraining
     tension and compression.
                                                                                        3 point weld
                         Loops extend one direction
                         only to allow simple
                         placement of insulation.

                                             Vertical style loops will                           Truss
                                             not clog with mortar as
                                             construction progresses.                            4 point weld

                                                                                    Loops welded shut to maintain
                                                                                    allowable tolerance and system

                                                                                   Optional Lock Washer  #3692
      Truss Adjustable Loop Tie (Series 6000)

          100% protection against separation
          of Wire Tie from reinforcement.

      8      For Material Conformance / Submittal Sheets, see  WIRE-BOND       800 - 849 - 6722
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