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WIRE-BOND                M A S O N R Y  T O  S T E E L  S T U D

                                                                  Insulation                   Wallboard
     SureTie Anchoring System

      SureTie quickly and accurately
      pierces insulation and/or wall-
      board to penetrate steel studs in                   SureTie
      brick veneer applications.                          Triangle                       SureTie              Stud

     One-piece design provides
     superior strength.

     12-24 self driller

      Accommodates 1/2” and
      5/8” wallboard and various     #4510
      thicknesses of insulation.                                                                 Thermal Grip

     The adjustable SureTie triangle allows                                                #4590
     a maximum of 1-1/4” vertical
     movement both up and down. Design                                      Thermal Grip Washer
     permits no disengagement. Maximum                                      Large 2” Dia. solid cap
     clearance between connecting parts of                                  washer helps to seal against
     the tie is 1/16”                                                       air/moisture penetration
                                                                            through the weather barrier
     Standard length of triangle ranges                                     assembly.
     from 3” to 9” in length.
                                                                            During installation, prongs allow for the pre-
                                                                            spotting for the SureTie assembly.
      SureTie allows positive contact with steel stud backup.
      Compression and tension loads in the veneer are transferred to
      the steel stud backup.                                                                  Insulation

      High strength barrel and slotted head fabricated from carbon
      steel. Manufactured and tested in conformance with SAE J78
      (self-drilling and self-tapping screws).

      SureTie holds insulation in place, permitting contractors to
      install 4’x 8’ sheets with ease, saving time and money.

     Specially designed chuck adapter allows
     the SureTie’s slotted head to easily slip
     in with a straight & snug fit.


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