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M A S O N R Y  T O  S T E E L  S T U D                                WIRE-BOND

           SureTie WS Anchoring System                                Insulation                  Wallboard

                                                         US Pat. #9809955
           Designed with a Wide Slot
           to accept the #4515 SureTie
           WS Adjustable Double                               SureTie WS                     SureTie            Stud
           Hook,                   #4522                      Double Hook                   Wide Slot


             SureTie WS installs faster
             and easier than ever, saving                                                        Thermal Grip
             you time and money.                                                                 Washer

                                                     Accommodates 1/2” and
             Silver-gray Climaseal® finish           5/8” wallboard and various
                                                     thicknesses of insulation.


          There is a myth that metal ties significantly change
          the performance of the wall system. One report stated
          this: "Fairly large impacts from tie thermal

          We challenged this by testing our Sure Tie Anchoring
          System, knowing that there are many factors that can
          contribute to "thermal bridging" but metal ties are not
          one of them. There is a considerable amount of data to
          support this. Don't believe the myth that you need
          plastic parts and please don't take our word for it,
          download the test results and see for yourself.

          Masonry walls were tested with and without Sure-Ties
          for R-Values under ASTM C 1363-11. The results
          were no reduction in R-Value with the Sure-Tie
          Anchoring System.

          "The limited mass of the Sure-Tie fasteners versus the
          overall wall area, resulted in an insignificant change
          in performance of the wall system. It can be
          concluded that the Sure-Tie fasteners do not create
          any measurable thermal bridging effects on the wall

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