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        How to Install
        A chalk line is snapped to establish the location of the FAST   FERO Rectangular
        Thermal Brackets in elevation, and anchor holes are predrilled   Washer
        at the required spacing. One of two methods may be used to
        position and fasten the brackets:
        Method 1. Accurately position the shelf angle temporarily or                                            FERO
        by installing brackets at its outer ends. Hook the intermediate                                     Shim Plate
        brackets onto the angle and spread them horizontally to their
        bolt locations. Securely fasten the brackets against the structural
        backing. Or:                                                                                            FERO
                                                                                                             Shim Rod
        Method  2.  Accurately  position  the  bracket  at  each  anchor
        location,  both  in  elevation  and  perpendicular  to  the  wall.                                FAST Thermal
        Securely  fasten  the  brackets  against  the  structural  backing.                                    Bracket
        Rotate the angle into the claws of the brackets.
         1  Snap a chalk line, mark the approximate location of the   IMPORTANT NOTES
            anchors, and drill anchor holes.                      Ensure brackets are installed with the slots in alternating
                                                                  orientations to prevent slipping.

         2 Install FAST Thermal Brackets and finger tighten anchor bolts.
                                                                  The  FERO  rectangular  washer  is  required  to  be  used
                                                                  for anchoring all FAST Thermal Bracket configurations.
                                                                  Angle must be in full contact with the FAST bracket on the

         3  Insert shelf angle, adjust brackets (step 4), and tighten   areas shown below:
            anchor bolts securely to structural backing.

                                                                  When  using  a  FERO  shim  plate,  the  shim  must  bear

         4  Install FERO Shims Plates (if required); Install FERO Shim   directly  against  the  backing  and  extend  over  the  full
            Rods to ensure that the vertical leg of angle is in contact   surface and height of the bracket.
            with (back of) bracket claw/(front of) bracket slot.  Field measure the required height from anchor to bottom
            Alternate installation of right and left bracket configuration   of angle and the required depth from backing to veneer.
            to prevent bracket slip.                              Order brackets with height and depth corresponding to
                                                                  field conditions.
                         FERO SHIM PLATE
                                                                  Installation procedure is applicable to all FAST Bracket
                                                                  configurations. The FERO shim rod locks the shelf angle
                                                                  in place during construction. One rod is used for each
                                                                  length of angle, e.g., for an angle being held by four
                                                                  brackets, the one shim rod can go in any of the brackets
                                                                  holding that angle.

        Did you know that:
        1. FAST Thermal Brackets can be used with any type of anchorage and any type of backing. 2. The skewed slot on the back of each FAST Bracket allows for vertical
        adjustment of up to 1-3/4” (44 mm), making expensive wedge inserts, cast in concrete for adjustability, redundant and unnecessary.  3. A minimum of two FAST
        Thermal Brackets are required to support a shelf angle. 4. FAST Thermal Brackets have a single skewed slot on their back web to receive the anchor bolt. FAST Thermal
        Brackets are manufactured with two different and opposing slot orientations. Orientation of the slots on adjacent brackets must be alternated (left and right) during
        installation. 5. Preventing vertical slippage of the FERO FAST Bracket System does not rely solely on the installation torque of the anchor bolt and the vertical frictional
        resistance developed between bracket and backing. Because of the angled and opposing slot orientations between adjacent brackets, the Brackets must slide laterally
        in-plane in order to slip vertically. The frictional resistance between the continuous shelf angle and adjacent Brackets helps to prevent in-plane lateral displacement of
        Brackets and to reduce the likelihood of vertical displacement. 6. Anchor bolts should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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