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2304 Dovetail with dowel

Stone Anchor
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Stone Anchors

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1402 Channel Anchor with bend 1403 Channel Anchor with dowel 1404 Channel Anchor Split Tail 1406 Channel Anchor with welded dowel 2302 Dovetail with bend 2303 Dovetail Split Tail
2304 Dovetail with dowel
2305 Dovetail with welded dowel 3051 L Anchor with welded dowel(up) 3052 L Anchor with welded dowel (down) 3053 L Anchor with dowel 3054 L Anchor with welded tab 3055 Split Tail 3056 U Anchor 3058 L Anchor 3059 Z Anchor 3060 Strap with Dowel 3061 Strap with welded Dowel 3062 Strap Split Tail 3063 L Anchor SureTie WS Stone Anchor Stone Anchor System

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