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Cavity Net RS (Rainscreen)

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Cavity Net RS (Rainscreen)

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Cavity Net RS is perfect for all exterior siding applications. Our innovative rainscreen technology equalizes the air pressure within the wall system by creating a drainage and ventilation cavity between the weather resistant barrier (WRB) and the exterior wall. This design allows excess moisture to drain from the wall system and allows ventilated air to circulate and dry the interior wall components.

  • Perfect for wood, stone, stucco, brick, or fiber cement siding.
  • Creates a dedicated airspace behind siding for enhanced drainage and ventilation.
  • Helps to prevent moisture problems, mold growth, and premature wall assembly deterioration.
  • Class A fire rating.
  • Integrated insect screen.
Thickness Roll Width Roll Length Coverage Packaging
Cavity Net RS
(.25 in. / 6mm)
.25 in. (6 mm) 39 in. (99.06 cm) 61.5 ft. (18.75 m) 200 sq. ft. (18.58 m2) 18 rolls per skid
Cavity Net RS
(.40 in. / 10mm)
.40 in. (10 mm) 39 in. (99.06 cm) 40 ft. (12.19 m) 130 sq. ft. (12.08 m2) 18 rolls per skid
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Cavity Net RS (Rainscreen)

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