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Plumb Rite


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Patent # 6,293,066B1

Plumb-Rite is a T-shaped PVC product that assists in keeping vertical joints in precise alignment where control joints and expansion joints are used in a masonry wall. Once Plumb Rite is installed, it isn’t necessary to plumb joint again.


  • Rigid enough to keep a 3/8" vertical joint consistently straight. It is flexible enough, with a special slotted stem, to allow for expansion of the brick.
  • May be attached to wood, steel, and block back-ups with either nails, screws or mastic.
  • When insulation is used in the cavity, foam board adhesive is simply applied to the back of the Plumb-Rite and adhered to the insulation.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Ensures that vertical joint is uniform where control joints and expansion joints are used in masonry.
  • Uniformity enhances appearance of wall.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Increases job productivity.
  • Replaces use of metal, boards, lines, or other materials.
  • Avoids pulling metal or wood guides up the wall and risking quality workmanship.
  • It isn’t necessary to clean out the joint. The trowel is run up the vertical slot to insure movement for brick expansion.
  • Not necessary to use experienced mason in control joint areas.

Dimensions / Packaging:

  • Available in 10' lengths. May be saw cut at the job site.
  • Packed four pieces per box.