Innovation is our job!

We’ve been setting industry standards for manufacturing, products, and service for over 40 years. Our manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce more than two million feet of wire products per day. We offer the complete line of masonry joint reinforcement products and accessories including Stone Anchors. We ship throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

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Our product line consists of high quality systems for masonry including truss and ladder masonry reinforcement designs, stone Anchors, veneer Anchors, partition top anchors, rebar positioners column anchors, beam anchors, masonry flashing systems, control & expansion joints, weep holes & rainscreen, mortar suspension, seismic products and more.

gps_fixed Our Goal Today

Manufacture innovative products for the masonry industry that are durable, save time and money, and are easy to handle and install. WIRE-BOND® is head-quartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with a second plant in Memphis, Tennessee. Both are centrally located to serve the entire country.

Control & Expansion Joint
Flashing Products
Glass Block Accessories
Ladder Mesh Reinforcement
Masonry To Concrete
Masonry To Masonry
Masonry To Steel Columns
Masonry To Steel Stud
Masonry To Wood Stud
Mortar Suspension
Partition Top Anchors
Patented Products
Products with Installation Instructions
Products with Test Data
Rebar Positioners
Seismic Products
Stone Anchors
Stone Systems
Triangles, Pintles & Ties
Truss Mesh Reinforcement
Veneer Anchors
Weeps, Vents & Rainscreen