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Cavity Net DT (3611D)


Cavity Net DT is used in masonry cavity wall construction. Manufactured from high-strength nylon with a 95% open three-dimensional matrix.

Cavity Net DT allows air and water to flow freely. Its unique dovetail shape with continuous base suspends mortar droppings at two levels preventing mortar bridging and allows moisture to exit the wall through weeps or vents.


  • 95% Open Nylon Mesh allows unobstructed passage of air and water allowing wall cavity to dry and drain quickly.
  • Design permanently suspends mortar droppings preventing any blockage of weep holes.
  • Compressible to allow for cavity variations.
  • Durable nylon composition designed to last the lifespan of the building.
  • Ease of installation – Just place in cavity.
Thickness Dimensions Packaging
1 or 2 inch 10" high x 5'-0" long 100 lf / box


  • High-Strength Nylon
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