Innovation In Masonry Construction

Tab Lock Ladder


Patent No. US 8,418,422 B2

Tab Lock design will not disengage meeting ACI 530 Code Requirements.

  • Adjustable ties have higher ultimate load values at maximum misalignment of 1-1/4".
  • Tab Lock system allows loads to be directly transferred from veneer to stronger back-up wall.
  • Locking ties wedge insulation against block back-up.
  • Tab with Lock Bar will not clog with mortar as construction progresses.
  • Looped Hooks meet tolerance of 1/16" between adjustable parts.
  • Cross rods welded 16" O.C.
  • Tab is butt welded to side rod 16" 0.C.
  • Height of tab will not exceed 3/16" in bed joint.
  • Easier to maintain 3/8" mortar joint.

Dimensions / Gauges:

Wire Gauges Side Rods Cross Rods
Standard 9 gauge (.148 in) 9 gauge
Heavy Duty 3/16" (.187 in) 9 gauge
Extra Heavy Duty 3/16" (.187 in) 3/16"
  • Tabs are 3/16" dia. standard.


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
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