Custom Flashing Stainless Steel

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Custom Flashing Stainless Steel


link Submittal link Base Header Flashing email custom base header flashing.pdf Custom Base Header Flashing
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Through Wall Masonry Flashing metal is a very important part in the construction business. The rigidity of stainless steel makes Thru-Wall Flashing a strong long lasting flashing that is compatible with most sealants.

We can manufacture Custom Stainless Steel Flashing to any profile, angle, and size. Normally, these items measure 8' in length but can also be fabricated in 10' lengths, or be pre-cut to size. We can also match any profile.


  • Durability, not prone to tears or punctures.
  • Very long life.
  • Hemmed drip edges deflect downward migrating water away from the building.
  • Hemmed drip edges form safe, clean aesthetically attractive lines.
  • Separate hemmed drip edge piece can supplement the performance of membrane and laminated copper flashing.


  • 26 gauge thickness
  • Stainless Steel - Type 304


  • ASTM A240/A240M
  • ASTM A666
  • ASTM A480/A480M
  • ASTM A167