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SFS Stadler SX Fastener

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SFS Stadler SX Fastener

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This self-drilling screw has a tough carbon steel point for easy installation.Frequently specified on stainless steel anchor jobs.

  • SX Austenitic stainless fasteners come with either a carbon steel spade point or the Bi-metal welded carbon steel point.
  • SX Austenitic stainless product line offers fastening solutions for attaching panels from very thin to over 1/2" structural steel.
  • Provides ultimate corrosion performance for attaching steel, stainless or aluminum panels.
  • Designed for secured attachment to both panel and substructures.
  • Stainless self-drill fasteners are engineered to have low driving torque and provide maximum clamp load.
  • Ultimate drill performance in light, medium, and heavy gage applications.
  • Washer O.D designed for both sidewall and roof panel attachment.
#12 x 1-1/2"
#12 x 2"
#12 x 3"


  • Type 304 Stainless Steel
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SFS Stadler SX Fastener
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