Innovation In Masonry Construction

Ladder Adjustable Double Loop Tie


Adjustable Double Loop Tie is a Non-Disengagement System that allows in-plane vertical and horizontal movement of masonry wythes while restraining tension and compression.

  • Loops welded shut to maintain allowable tolerance and system integrity.
  • Vertical style loops will not clog with mortar as construction progresses.
  • Loops extend one direction only to allow simple placement of insulation.
  • Non-Disengagement System.
  • 100% protection against separation of Wire Tie from reinforcement.
  • Meets ASCE/ACI 530 building code requirements for masonry structures and ASTM A 951 (standard specification for masonry joint reinforcing).

Dimensions / Gauges:

Wire Gauges Side Rods Cross Rods
Standard 9 gauge (.148 in) 9 gauge
Heavy Duty 3/16" (.187 in) 9 gauge
Extra Heavy Duty 3/16" (.187 in) 3/16"
  • Tabs are 3/16" dia. standard.


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
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