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Cavity Net (3611)


Wire-Bond® Cavity Net I and II are popular cost competitive ways to ensure proper cavity wall drainage.

These mortar deflection devices ensure that mortar droppings do not block the weep holes at the base of the cavity.

Cavity Net I :

  • Polymer core geomatrix composed of high density polyethylene strands woven into a .80" thick mesh
  • The design allows moisture to seep down through any mortar droppings and exit the cavity wall through the weep holes. Used in cavity walls ranging from 1" to 1-3/4" in width.

Cavity Net II :

  • 1.5" thick high-density polyethylene geometric design used for cavities 2" and wider.
  • The staggered dimples design suspend mortar droppings and redirect moisture to the exterior by way of the weep holes.
  • The slightly narrower design helps avoid any possible bridging of mortar across the cavity.
Thickness Length Cavity Width Packaging
Cavity Net I .80" 50ft / roll 1" to 1-3/4" 4 Rolls / box
Cavity Net II 1.5" 35ft / roll 2" and wider 4 Rolls / box


  • High density polyethylene
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